Self Mailers

Self mailers can be designed as an efficient package for product and service order forms, announcements, memos, notices, and many other correspondence materials. The mailer can serve the purpose for information sent to a recipient without a response request or it can be a business reply piece, such as a credit application or an order form from a catalog. The mailer could also serve both purposes of information and response (which promotes a quicker response time from the customer). Self mailers save time, handling and mailing costs by eliminating the need for a mailing envelope.

The different types of sealing processes that are available are remoistenable glue, line gluing and spot gluing.

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Personalize with names and addresses. Add maps (ie. geo-mapping, or store mapping). Add unique images, or logos. Create variable offers. Incorporate interaction by mailing PURLS. Use bar coding. Print QR codes. Make duplexing economical.
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Self Mailer
Various folds can be used. Mailers can also contain inserts, die-cut windows and pop-ups
Mailing sizes can vary. The USPS has guidelines for standard postal rates. If you need help designing a format or have any questions regarding the size of your self mailer, we can help. Contact us!
• 50# and 60# offset • 60#, 70# and 80# CS2 text • 7pt. and 9pt. hibulk • 7pt. matte-coated Other papers available upon request.