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Most printers must do multiple runs on separate machines for personalization and finishing. We do it all in a single process on our high-speed press. It enables us to do single-pass printing, die cutting, folding and gluing – inline! This not only saves time, it also provides you quick turn-around on all of your print projects.

Inline finishing is also now affordable at lower print volumes that weren’t previously achievable. Our press’s advanced capabilities open up a world of creative possibilities, where the potential of your pieces is really only limited by your imagination.

We offer re-moist pattern gluing, weld-seam and fugitive gluing, inline die cutting and inline pattern perforating. We produce many types of folds from a simple parallel to double-gate and of course, signature folding. We complete the job inline or offline with final cutting, counting, weighing, shrink-wrapping, banding and boxing. We also provide storage and fulfillment.

Our Services include:


Boost response rates by speaking directly to your customer. With our state-of-the-art, 100% variable data-driven, inline imaging, you can create personalized and targeted messaging at 600 x 600 dpi. That means your message can be as small as four-point font and include higher resolutions for adding maps and graphics to the personalized regions of your pieces.

The quality of our press is so great, you won’t be able to tell the difference between what is universally printed and what is uniquely imaged. They’re almost indistinguishable. We use pigment-based inks that produce rich, dark blacks on coated stocks with excellent permanence on a variety of substrates, providing scratch, fade and water resistance. We don’t do cheap, smearable inkjet printing here!

Do you feel the need for speed? Our imprinting system can produce high speed imaging at 1,000 feet per minute. This personalization is done inline, in a single process. That makes it fast AND cost effective!


McAdams Graphics boasts six web presses that offer both heat-set printing as well as cold-set printing. We also have various delivery options, including roll to inline finishing, roll to press form and roll to sheet. Whatever your web printing needs are, you can feel confident knowing we have the equipment and experience to efficiently process your job.

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Inline printing inspiration

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Fast, personal and beautiful

Fast, personal and beautiful!

Fast, personal, and beautiful. Three things you want no matter what you’re printing – a self-mailer, pamphlet, booklet or direct mail campaign. You can have it all with single-pass inline printing and finishing. Single-Pass Inline Printing and Finishing Fast. When the goal is to get your printed piece in the mail quickly, you need speed.…
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