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Find Direct Mail Printing Services to Increase Marketing Engagement

In today’s digital landscape, marketers can easily ignore the power of physical mail and entrust their advertising solely to the online world (social media, email, content, and influencer marketing, to name a few examples). 

Yet, despite the pervasiveness of digital marketing, services provided by print marketing companies – like direct mail printing – continue to generate significant benefits, becoming an invaluable part of a holistic marketing strategy.


Why Should Direct Mail Be A Part Of Your Marketing Process? 

One key advantage of direct mail is its tangible nature. In an increasingly digitized world, there’s something uniquely engaging about opening your mailbox and getting your hands on a physical object. 

It provides a much-needed break from the screen and offers a tactile, sensory experience that digital marketing just can’t touch. This tangibility can create a stronger connection to your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, research suggests that customers perceive direct mail as more trustworthy than digital media. In a study by MarketingSherpa, it was shown that direct mail is the third most-trusted method of advertising, with 76% of people trusting it when they want to make a purchase decision. 

Source: Marketing Chart: Which advertising channels consumers trust most and least when making purchases

It’s clear, then, that trust built by direct mail can significantly increase customer engagement and, ultimately, conversions – and wouldn’t you agree that this is the ultimate goal for your marketing dollars?


Complementing Digital Marketing with Direct Mail Printing 

When it comes to marketing your business, you truly can have it all. 

When leveraged strategically, direct mail complements digital marketing efforts to create a multi-channel campaign that effectively engages your audience as they organically go about their day. 

Imagine having your brand in front of potential and existing customers as they check their mailboxes and get screen time. That kind of repetition makes top-of-mind awareness of your brand much more likely.

This method of omnichannel approach is impactful when you have a deep understanding of your audience, which allows for personalized and relevant communication. 

As with digital marketing, direct mail printing services are not just for creating sales. 

No matter what stage of the buyer’s journey your leads are in (already customers or customers-to-be), the direct mail approach can significantly boost your engagement rates when you send the right message at the right time. 


How To Create a Personalized, Effective Direct Mail Campaign 

So, how can you add direct mail printing services to your marketing strategy? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing it the right way:

  1. Know Your Audience. Everything starts with understanding your audience. Creating your marketing campaign around your customers’ demographics, preferences, and buying behaviors allows you to tailor your direct mail to their specific needs. Personalized mail resonates more effectively with recipients and increases the likelihood of engagement (and sales).
  2. Define Your Tone and Content. The tone of your direct mail should reflect your brand’s personality and resonate with your audience. Is your brand more professional or casual? Would your audience appreciate a more design-forward or text-forward approach? Remember that your mail is a reflection of your brand. Striking the right balance between compelling design and persuasive content can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your partnership with the print marketing companies you choose to work with.
  3. Design with Impact. Consider the design of your mail piece. Work with direct mail printing companies that understand how to use design to catch the eye, represent your brand, and convey your message effectively. A well-designed mail piece can stand out in a crowded mailbox, compel the recipient to engage with it and leave a lasting impression. 
  4. Develop a Tailored Call-to-Action. Your call-to-action (CTA) is arguably the most critical part of your direct mail piece. It should be intentional and designed to encourage your audience to take one specific action. If your audience primarily makes purchasing decisions online, for example, a QR code that leads to your website or a specific product page can be highly effective.
  5. Personalize Your Mailer. Personalization is no longer optional in today’s marketing landscape. Customers expect brands to know their needs and preferences and dislike receiving generic mail. Advances in printing and direct mail services allow for a high degree of personalization, enabling you to customize each mail piece based on the recipient’s profile.


When used strategically, direct mail can strengthen your marketing campaigns by offering a tangible, personalized touchpoint that stands out in a digital world. It can increase engagement, build trust, and drive conversions, supporting and amplifying your digital marketing efforts.

Moreover, modern direct mail printing services offer tracking capabilities, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. You can use unique URLs, QR codes, or promotional codes to track responses and ROI, providing valuable insights for optimizing future campaigns.


Print Marketing Companies: Your Secret Marketing Weapon 

Direct mail printing can be a potent weapon in your marketing arsenal. It offers a personal, engaging, and trustworthy touchpoint that can enhance your digital marketing efforts, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive growth for your business.

And as you can see, the steps don’t have to be complicated, especially when you have a professional to help you!

As a leading direct mail printing company, we offer the expertise and services to help you unlock the potential of direct mail marketing. 


Ready to supercharge your marketing strategy with direct mail? Fill out our contact form to get started today.

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