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Pine branches and a holiday card for seasonal direct mail marketing

Create a Winning Seasonal Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Could timing the send of your direct mail piece really make a difference? The answer is yes. Understanding how the different seasons play a role in your direct mail marketing strategy is key to achieving your business goals. With 98% of households checking their mail daily, this is your opportunity to connect with your customers.

Once you understand seasonal direct mail marketing strategies, we can build the foundation of creating a winning direct mail campaign. You need both parts of the equation to create a meaningful movement. 

People love getting mail. 55% of consumers look forward to discovering the mail they receive. Your business has an opportunity to bring connection and joy through the mailbox. Let’s walk through the different seasons and how you can maximize your direct mail campaign by following our top 5 tactics.

We’ll start with reviewing seasonal direct mail marketing strategies.

Seasonal Direct Mail Marketing Strategy 

Couldn’t you simply send your direct mail piece at any time of the year? Believe it or not, by creating a seasonal direct mail marketing strategy, you can maximize the success of your campaign! The four seasons offer four opportunities to create direct mail pieces that reflect the time of year and the general feeling your target audience will be feeling while still having the ability to create a unique mail experience.

A marketing strategy that touches on those feelings around different seasons will create a stronger connection to your organization and your offer.

Spring – Think light, new, fresh for the general feeling of your campaign. Maybe your direct mail piece could offer a new price, fresh take on solving a problem or feature a way the receiver can grow. 

Summer – Fun, relaxing, unwinding can describe the feeling of summer. Your direct mail piece should be lighter and include colorful imagery and graphics with a quick call to action to capture the sale quickly. 

Fall – Back-to-school, cooling down, winding down are related to the fall season. We are also entering the major holiday season. Stand out with a jumbo postcard, eye-catching design, or personalization. 

Winter – This season has two parts; before and after the holiday season. Before the holidays, you want to stand out with your direct mail campaign, offering something different than your competitors. After the holidays, you can focus on new year campaigns with offers to help your customers achieve a goal. 

Now that you have a better idea of what to send during each season let’s talk about some design tips and tactics to help your direct mail campaign be a success! 

5 Design Tips and Tactics 

Follow these five design tips and tactics for a successful direct mail campaign. Each tactic builds on the previous one to build a strong foundation for your direct mail piece to do its job – grow your business!

1.) Set a Measurable Goal

What is your direct mail campaign goal? It’s important to have a specific and measurable goal for your campaign. Especially during the holiday season, you need trackable metrics that you know you can achieve. 

2.) Identify Target Audience 

Who is your offer for and why? Your exact target audience will impact the type of direct mail campaign you will want to create. It’s important to personalize your direct mail piece as much as possible to help your offer stand out from the competition. 

3.) Create an Irresistible Offer 

What is your holiday offer? Is it a limited-time offer? Holiday-themed? Create an irresistible offer that your target audience can’t pass up. Make it as easy as possible for them to take advantage of your offer, and make sure you are able to track the results. 

4.) Timing the Send 

Correctly gauging when your direct mail piece will land in your potential customers’ mailbox is key to a successful campaign. Earlier, we shared some seasonal direct mail marketing strategies to guide your direct mail send timing. Create a timeline so that your mailpiece is in your customers’ hands at the right moment. 

5.) Creating a Memorable Experience 

If you send a generic piece of mail, you could lose the opportunity for your mail piece to connect with your target audience. Think outside the box with personalization, design, and user experience. Make sure that the path from opening the mailbox to taking action on your offer is quick, easy, and memorable. 

Which Direct Mail Partner is Right for You?

When done right, a direct mail campaign creates incredible results! You need a trusted partner who can guide you through the entire process of developing, creating, and sending your direct mail piece. At McAdams Graphics, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses execute the direct mail marketing strategy by following our proven process. It all starts with a conversation about your business goals. Let’s start the conversation here.

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