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Data Management and Your Printing Partner

Data Management and Your Printing Partner: What to Look For

Customer data is a powerful tool that you can use to improve the success of your next direct mail campaign. Data-driven messaging can speak more directly to your target audience, building trust and encouraging conversion. Not quite sure how to collect and use data? That’s where your printing partner comes in: Your printing partner can provide expert data management services to help you use and optimize your data.

Data management can help you identify customers to target, improve deliverability rates, increase response rates, and more. Here are three data management services to look for when choosing your printing partner:

Use Data to Build Your Target Audience

Know the first step in planning a successful marketing campaign? That’s right: Decide who you want to reach with your message. This is known as defining your target audience. Most of the time, you start defining your audience by imagining your ideal customer. Do they live in a certain location? Have they done business with you in the past? Based on the characteristics of your ideal customer, you can identify exactly who you want to reach.

For a direct mail campaign, you want to compile a mailing list that directly reflects your target audience. If you’re targeting specific prospects or current customers, you may already have valuable information that can be used to build your mailing list. If you have a specific audience in mind but haven’t collected individual data, your printing partner may offer list acquisition services. With these services, your printing partner can help you obtain a refined, detailed mailing list based on your specific data parameters. Having a data-driven mailing list that targets your ideal customer profile allows you to build a more successful direct mail campaign. You can tailor your messaging and other factors to the specific details you know about each person on your mailing list, increasing the chances they interact with you and your business.

Data Processing and List Management Handled with Ease

Now, say you’ve compiled several mailing lists all based on data parameters significant to your target audience. Your printing partner can merge these lists into a single mailing list. This allows your printing partner to easily de-duplicate repeated data, like having the same customer and address listed twice. With list management, your printing partner can help you avoid any duplicate sending and save you unnecessary printing and postage costs, not to mention the confusion or frustration your customer feels when they get duplicate mailings.

Additionally, you can benefit from data processing services, like CASS-certification and NCOA.

1. Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)

Your printing partner can cross-check addresses on your mailing list with CASS. This system was established to improve accuracy within the mailing industry, and it can identify incorrect or faulty addresses. Ultimately, you can ensure the maximum number of direct mail pieces successfully reach your target audience. You can also reduce the number of return pieces, saving you from unnecessary costs.

2. National Change of Address (NCOA) Database

The NCOA database is comprised of individuals or affiliated parties who have filed a change-of-address notice with the USPS. Commercial mailers, like your printing partner, are able to access the NCOA database and cross-check addresses to ensure your mailing list includes the most recent data available. This too can ensure you reach the maximum number of people in your target audience and improve your overall direct mail delivery rates.

Variable Data Printing Makes Things Personal

You may have heard that personalization is key when it comes to direct mail marketing. When you make something personal — addressing people by name, having unique images and graphics that relate to an individual, and more — people are more likely to respond. Personalized direct mail is shown to increase response rates and improve the overall success of campaigns.

But how do you personalize your direct mail for each individual? That’s where data comes in. You can use the data you collect when building your target audience and mailing list to customize your direct mail pieces for every audience member. Remember, first names are a commonly personalized data point, but you can also use purchase history, website behavior, and more.

Your printing partner may offer variable data printing that makes personalization easy and cost-effective. Variable data printing allows you to efficiently personalize elements with no discernable difference to what is universally printed on the mailer. This way, customers feel like the entire piece was printed just for them, which can build trust and credibility for you and your business. Variable data printing is also a cost-effective solution for your next direct mail campaign.

From building your target audience to personalizing your direct mail pieces, using customer data can improve the success of your direct mail campaign. Take advantage of list acquisition services for a data-filled mailing list that reflects your target audience. List management and data processing services ensure the maximum number of people receive your mail, and reduce returns. In addition, opt for variable data printing as a cost-effective solution to personalizing your direct mail pieces.

Looking for a printing partner that specializes in data management services? Connect with us at McAdams Graphics to understand how data management can benefit your next direct mail campaign.

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