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4 Awesome Self-Mailer Ideas for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

4 Awesome Self-Mailer Ideas for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Are you thinking of ways for your next direct mail campaign to catch your target customer’s eye and easily get passed along to their friends—all while saving your staff time and money?

Sound too good to be true? Explore these innovative self-mailer ideas to see why choosing a self-mailer is the ideal solution for your next direct mail campaign.

What is a Self-Mailer Anyway?

Self-mailers are an all-in-one direct mail solution: the message and the envelope are one piece, thanks to tricky folding, perforation, and gluing. Postcards and folded messages (usually sealed with wafer seals or spot glue) are also considered self-mailers. Studies show direct mail is a highly effective marketing solution for many direct marketing applications; self-mailers are a great choice that gets opened.

At McAdams Graphics, we help you streamline your self-mailer production by offering single-pass inline printing and finishing that’s personalized. This means your job is beautifully printed, folded, glued, and perforated in a single pass. We offer numerous stress-free self-mailer solutions for your next direct mail campaign.

Not only are self-mailers a cost effective solution, they also save time on sorting, stuffing, and addressing envelopes. Self-mailers get opened. They’re eye-catching, shareable, and easy for your customer to pass along to other potential customers. The perfect direct mail solution!

4 Innovative Self-Mailer Ideas

Convinced you’d like to use self-mailers to make your next direct mail marketing campaign stand out? We’ve rounded up 4 innovative self-mailer ideas to help you realize the possibilities!

1. B2C Messaging

Hoping to connect with your customer? Self-mailers are particularly ideal for connecting with your consumers at home. While certain B2B direct mail campaigns require a targeted letter or catalog, B2C messages speak to your customers right from their mailbox. When they go through their deliveries, your self-mailer will catch their eye. Announce sales, share products, and generate customer interest with great self-mailers.

2. To Call for Action

What do you want your audience to do? Visit your website? Connect on social media? Jump on a limited time offer, follow a map drawn to a location of your store, or use a coupon code? Self-mailers are the perfect method for broadcasting a CTA. Due to their shareability and variations in formatting, you can use self-mailers for many different requests and messages.

3. For Political Campaigns

Self-mailers are a perfect solution for rallying constituents and sharing your message. Announce your next fundraiser, campaign speech, or open house with a self-mailer. Not only do they offer an easy method for sharing your important message, but self-mailers are easily shared amongst potential voters.

4. Product Announcements

Product announcements are an area where self-mailers truly stand out as the superior solution. Include all those great details about your new product. Create an eye-catching announcement that’s fun to open and explore. Time for an update or upgrade? Let your customer know they need to get the latest version of your product by sending them a self-mailer. It’s easy to include a URL for more information or to personalize the self-mailer using variable data printing.

So, if you’re deciding on the best direct mail solution for your campaign, look no further than self-mailers. When it comes to direct mail, they’re the show horse with the power of a workhorse. With so many different self-mailer ideas and applications, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Have other great self-mailer ideas? Contact us and we’ll print your next campaign! With our personalized single-pass inline printing, we’ll ensure your self-mailers are printed quickly, beautifully, and cost-effectively. Let us take the stress out of direct mail marketing!

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