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Fast, personal and beautiful

Fast, personal and beautiful!

Fast, personal, and beautiful. Three things you want no matter what you’re printing – a self-mailer, pamphlet, booklet or direct mail campaign. You can have it all with single-pass inline printing and finishing.

Single-Pass Inline Printing and Finishing


When the goal is to get your printed piece in the mail quickly, you need speed. Single-pass inline printing and finishing means printed pieces are completed in one run. This translates to substantially less production time giving you quicker time to the marketplace. With inline printing and finishing, your final product is completed in one pass – printing, die-cutting, folding and spot-gluing. This process is perfect for self-mailers, pamphlets and direct mail pieces.

In multi-pass printing, pieces pass through multiple steps. In this process, you could be  facing drying time between runs and offline finishing which means you’re looking at added handwork once the job is printed. All of this could effect your cost and delay your speed to market for your printed piece.


In this day and age, if you want response to your direct marketing, it needs to be personalized and data-driven with relevant messages that speak to the customer. With single-pass inline printing and finishing on a high-tech press, you are able to test different campaigns and personalized elements using the same background pieces. Believe it or not, beautiful, customized high resolution output is possible on web-printed projects.

Here is a quick list of some ways to personalize your projects:

  • Add a map that shows the location closest to your customer
  • Showcase each customer's past purchases and offer customized suggestions.
  • Create custom offers that appeal to each customer based on purchase history.


When your job comes off the single-pass inline printing and  finishing press, you’ll immediately notice the difference in quality. At McAdams, our press uses rich, vibrant inks, resulting in saturated colors that grab attention. Even black pops off the page! You can print on a variety of substrates too ... you aren’t limited by paper type or stock.

It’s critical that your printed materials look as professional as possible – with personalized messaging and eye-catching graphics, plus a price that doesn’t bust your bottom line. You’re striving for an eye-popping, high impact customer-worthy piece because your reputation is on the line.

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