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Inline printing

Command customer attention with inline printing

Inline printing sounds like a dream come true: Fast, personal, and beautiful printed pieces with custom cuts, folding, perforation—even variable images. Your next printed piece is going to generate a big impact because your prospects can’t ignore a message that’s created just for them.

But let’s face it: with most printing projects, this level of detail and customization could add significant cost to your project. Each step, from folding to cuts, requires extra handling and runs on additional finishing equipment. Those steps usually add cost to printing projects.

That’s why inline printing can make all the difference.

How McAdams’ inline printing works

Inline printing process ensures every step of creation is handled in a single pass. Your piece can be printed, imaged cut, folded, glued, die cut and perforated in one print run.

Best of all, there’s an incredible selection of options to choose from each step of the way such as, simple parallel folds, double-gate and signature folding. Choose from gluing options including re-moist pattern gluing, weld-seam, and fugitive gluing as well.

Variable data printing adds even greater value

Envision your next printed project—a single piece, yet customized in endless ways. Every printed piece captures your message and makes it personal. Leveraging personal data more deeply into your direct mail messages via variable data printing (VDP) delivers a personal, more engaging, meaningful experience to your customers.

During the high-speed web printing process, custom data and images can be printed in a blank area of the piece’s design, using a high-resolution, high-speed ink jet process. The quality of the custom-printed content is so good; it’s practically identical to the web-printed elements.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Easily tracked pieces with custom coupon codes.
  • Mailings individually addressed, with custom text and images to suit each prospect.
  • Campaigns customized by region, purchase history, store, and neighborhood.

When it comes to variable data printing, if you come up with a data point, we will personalize your piece to reflect it. The result? Eye-catching customized pieces your customers will read.

Inline printing offers endless creative possibilities

With McAdams’ inline printing, the creative possibilities are vast. If you dream it, we will help you turn it into a reality.

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