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Short, Sweet and Personal

Make it short, sweet and above all PERSONAL

People today are so time-starved that if you want to effectively connect with them, your communications need to be short, sweet and PERSONAL. They will only respond to messages that are relevant and that resonate with them.

Making it PERSONAL

Imagine if you went to a cocktail party and had the same conversation with every guest you met. They’d catch on quickly that you weren’t very sincere or at worst another slimy politician looking for a vote. People appreciate a one-to-one experience that goes beyond just seeing their name on an ink-jetted mailing envelope. Leveraging personal data more deeply into your direct mail messages via variable data printing (VDP) delivers a personal, more engaging, meaningful experience to your customers.

The bottom line is that when you’re mailing 50,000 to 100,000 pieces at a crack, you can’t afford to send everyone the same message. Your customers are overwhelmed by messages from print, online, radio, TV – even their new refrigerator has a screen! To cut through the clutter and drive greater response from your mailings, you need a strategically planned, deeply data-driven approach (beyond just your customer’s name). It’s time to look at your data and leverage it to make your messages personal.

How to make it personal

One way to make your direct mail messaging personal is to leverage your customers’ last purchase data. Create six subtle variations of your mailer, where the image area is customized by customer type and last purchase. The image area includes space for an image and description of a product that’s related to your customers’ last purchase, while the rest of the mailing information is the same on all the pieces. When your customers receive relevant messages that promote items they are interested in and your messaging speaks to their needs, they are more likely to appreciate your company, take action and respond.

Producing these six different direct mail versions is done quickly and efficiently. During the high-speed web printing process, the image and product data is printed in the blank area of the mailers – inline, in a single pass, using a high-resolution, high-speed ink jet process. The state-of-the-art press also handles the folds and spot gluing your design requires, all during the same pass. The quality of the custom-printed content is so good; it’s practically identical to the web-printed elements.

Imagine the personalization possibilities

Imagine what you can accomplish with this type of high-speed, high-quality VDP? You can customize the contents of your mailers based on:

  • Company type (e.g., manufacturer, dealer, contractor, consultant)
  • Product type or size
  • Geographic location
  • Purchase history
  • Customized coupons
  • Key dates (e.g., graduation, birthday)
  • Customized images and illustrations (our specialty!)

Your only limit is your imagination. We can help you brainstorm ideas on how to leverage your data to personalize your direct mail, let’s chat.

It’s time to increase the response on your mailings.

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