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Boost Your Direct Mail Response

3 C’s to boost your direct mail response

The long and short of it is direct mail still gets read. The trick of successful direct mail is to create great pieces that get noticed before they’re discarded. Today’s stand-out direct mail piece begins with a creative format. You need an eye-catching, unique format to help your mailing jump out of the mailbox and catch your audience’s attention. And  remember, how your message is delivered is just as important as the message itself.

Remember these 3 “C’s” to get your message across fast and boost your direct mail response:

  1. CARDS: Send postcards

    With postcards the message gets noticed FAST because there’s no envelope to open. The message on your postcard must be concise, clear and graphically appealing.

    Think of your postcard like a billboard –  you need to grab a driver’s attention at 60 MPH. Postcards with big images, bright colors, eye-catching visuals and limited text get noticed. Capture attention with cost-effective hybrid printing and imaging. Remember, a few seconds is all you have to capture their attention. Personalization and delivering relevant messaging work together to get attention and sell your customers, yielding the best return on your mailing budget.

  2. COLOR: Spend on color

    If you want to grab your audience’s attention, color printing is the way to go. Many businesses skimp on color printing with the goal of saving money, but it’s a pennywise and pound-foolish method. After all, printing costs only a fraction of postage rates on larger mailings.

    Deck your message out with color to let your audience know your product, your service, your brand is vibrant. Your message needs to show your future customers that doing business with you will be a quality and exciting experience. To help keep costs down, use offset printing instead of digital for any runs of 20,000 pieces or greater. Remember: color is fun. Fun captures attention and will make your company shine in the eyes of your potential clients.

  3. CLEAR: Make it clear & personal

    Always keep the message in the mail simple, clear and personal. If you’re in retail, and using a list of past customers, use personalization to highlight your customer’s previous purchases. In a service industry, use personalization to showcase additional offerings to enhance your past work. Never forget to point out the features and benefits which will make your customer’s current and future lives easier. Using highspeed inkjet VDP (variable data printing) to customize your messages will both save you money and allow you to speak directly to those customers.  Read more about personalization possibilities in our last blog, “Make it short, sweet and personal”. 

    Consider asking for a response via vanity URLs or “PURLS” (personalized URLS) with the customer’s name—for example These personalized touches can greatly increase your direct mail response rate as well as allow you to track who is responding.

If you’re ready for your best direct mail campaign EVER, get started! At McAdams Graphics, we can help you create unique direct mail campaigns that will really speak to your customer.

Connect with your customers and grow your business by creating direct mail that gets read!


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