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4 Ancillary Services for Direct Mail

4 Ancillary Services That Maximize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Today’s printing companies can do more for you than just print. Many now offer ancillary services that can maximize your direct mail dollars while still providing high-quality printed materials that connect you to your audience.

Ancillary services include several different types of additional support that a printer provides, saving you the time and hassle of hiring another vendor or the cost of having to have those capabilities in-house.

Look to take advantage of one or all of these four valuable ancillary services when choosing a print company for your next direct mail campaign.

1. Enter the Digital Age with a Direct Mail Online Portal

Printing technology has improved over the years, and so have the ways in which customers communicate and share information with printing companies. Today’s printing experts often provide an online portal for customers to request printed products, upload project files and more. With an online portal, printing companies can automate several front-end tasks, like processing your request and files quickly and efficiently. Additionally, an online portal for file uploads — such as your desired mailing list and creatives for print — allows printers to easily verify files and ensure they match all necessary specifications.

2. Directly Target Your Audience with List Acquisition and Data Management

These next two ancillary services often go hand in hand as printing companies help you finalize your mailing list. When planning your next direct mail campaign, suppose you have a general idea of what audience you would like to target, but are missing exact names and addresses. Printing companies may offer list acquisition services, in which they help you obtain a mailing list based on your desired criteria — whether that be in terms of demographic, geographic location, business industry or profession, and more. This way, you can ensure your mailing list targets the specific audience you want to reach with your mailing campaign.

Now, perhaps you have multiple mailing lists you want to use for your next direct mail campaign. Printing companies will often provide data management services, merging multiple mailing lists into a single file and purging any duplicate data. You want to avoid sending the same mail to the same person twice (or more)! Data management can help you avoid sending duplicate mail, saving you from unnecessary printing and postal costs. For example, printing experts can verify all data complies with USPS standards. This data management service reduces the number of mailings that are returned, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign.

3. Direct Mail Fulfillment: From Start to Finish with Ease

You have a printed product, now what? For printing companies that specialize in direct mail, fulfillment is a great ancillary service to help you confidently deliver your mailing campaign. With direct mail fulfillment, print companies can prepare, seal and deliver your mail all in-house. You can choose stand-out seal and glue options that are the best fit for your campaign, and give your direct mail an edge over competitors. Additionally, printing experts can help deliver special forms of mail — including first-class mail, bulk mail and more. Direct mail fulfillment allows you to concentrate on other business needs, with the assurance that your direct mail reaches the maximum number of customers.

4. Warehousing is the Expert Storage Solution for Direct Mail

Timing matters, and so does the ability to save your direct mail for future use. Printing companies may offer ancillary warehousing and storage services that allow you to easily store your direct mail for when you are ready to send it to your target audience. You can benefit from printing companies storing your direct mail. For one, these companies have the organization and capacity to properly inventory and store your mail. You also can benefit from taking advantage of these storage services, as printing companies can easily update, fulfill and deliver your direct mail at your discretion.


When planning your next direct mail campaign, consider the benefits that come with print companies’ value-added ancillary services.

  • Upload and confirm your direct mail is ready for print by using an online portal system.
  • Ensure you have a targeted, clean mailing list with list acquisition and data management services.
  • Be confident your direct mail reaches your customers by taking advantage of fulfillment services.
  • Be ready for future direct mail campaigns with expert warehouse and storage options.

To learn more about the difference ancillary services can make for your direct mail campaign, contact McAdams Graphics.

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