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Ways to Personalize and Maximize Direct Mail ROI

5 Ways to Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign

3x Your Direct Mail ROI with Personalization

Every time a consumer checks their mail and holds your direct mail piece in their hand is an opportunity to make a connection. You have a few seconds of their undivided attention to communicate your brand and offer, so it’s important they’re interested right away. How? Personalization. Consumers are 2.1x more likely to view personalized offers as important versus unimportant. 

Building a relationship with your customer leads to increased brand loyalty and a better ROI (return on investment). In fact, personalization efforts increase profitability. Out of those that get 3x ROI from their personalization efforts, 95% increased their profitability last year. Think of it this way, if someone walks into your business and you say, “Hello, welcome. How may I help you?” vs. “Hello, Sarah! So glad to see you. I think you may like these.” Do you see the difference? 

As we shared in a previous blog, a direct mail campaign can boost sales by reaching customers through their physical mailbox. You know the customer will open their mailbox and look at the piece, but how do you make them feel welcome and like this offer is just for them? Personalization. 

Personalization matters more than ever. If all you have is a customer’s name and address, that’s plenty to work with to create a direct mail experience tailored to them! According to Statista, 90% of U.S. consumers find marketing personalization very or somewhat appealing. So, let’s dig into 5 ideas you can use to personalize your direct mail campaign. 

5 Ideas to Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign 

These are all options you can implement, and all you need is a name and address! Read more about each idea below and consider which one (or more) might work best with your next direct mail campaign.

1. Adding the Consumer’s Name 

This is simple but extremely effective! By adding their name at the top, the piece feels more welcoming and like it was made just for them to view. For example, instead of not including a name or “Hello Neighbor,” think about “Dear Sarah Smith.” Another way to boost this is by adding the consumer’s name in the copy of the piece either through a mention or by personalizing the offer (more on that later). 

2. QR Code

Seeing a personalized QR code feels like a special invite from you to the recipient. Scanning the code on their phone will open up their own personalized landing page. Now they’ll have your direct mail piece in their hand and your website or offer on their phone. 

3. Personalized URLs

You might not feel as drawn to click on “” but if you see that the landing page is “,” you immediately want to look and see your very own landing page! This is a bonus for tracking your open rates by seeing who clicked on their link.

4. Personalized Offer 

A great offer is certainly enticing, but an offer with your name or location? It feels like a VIP experience! “Save50” vs. “SarahSave50” feels like an exclusive offer that you can’t pass by. Again, this is also a great way to track the ROI of your direct mail campaign by seeing who used their promo code or offer.

5. Location Imagery 

This idea ties in the general location of the recipient into the direct mail piece. Can you use an image of a landmark on the piece? Something anyone from that area would immediately recognize and feel connected to. It can be as broad as the Milwaukee Art Museum or Lake Michigan or as targeted as a photo of the neighborhood that’s receiving the mailer. 

Those are the 5 best ways to incorporate personalization into your direct mail campaign for the best results! Choosing at least one of these will help increase the ROI and build brand loyalty. First, find the right partner to help you create a direct mail strategy for success. 

Find Your Direct Mail Partner 

As your direct mail expert, we help clients across different industries create a personalized direct mail campaign experience for their customers. Our helpful and talented team will guide you through the entire process of creating your direct mail campaign without adding more to your busy to-do list.  Contact McAdams Graphics today and share your direct mail goals. 

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