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Find a Rewarding Career in the Print Industry

What if you could have a job where you can use your creativity, help businesses thrive, and truly look forward to each day?  

Think print! 

The printing industry isn't going anywhere. In fact, the print industry is actually growing to meet customers' demands. There is ample opportunity across the print industry, including; book printing, promotional product printing, binding, and more. 

One sector of the print industry that's growing at a rapid pace is the commercial and digital print industry. These companies need enthusiastic, creative people to offer print solutions for small businesses to thrive.

Today, we want to share more about what the print industry looks like right now and where it's headed, along with some interesting facts about who is working in print. Learn more about the print industry and why it needs smart, innovative people right now to meet the growing demand!

Commercial Print Industry Workforce 

The commercial direct mail printing industry has experienced major innovation to the overall process and deliverables, making it an exciting time to enter this field. Digital print technology makes it even easier to design and plan commercial printing projects without spending hours manually cutting and pasting projects. Now, printer operators use technology to quickly create designs and print layouts on the computer for easy creation and approval. Revisions are no longer the headaches that they once were, making the entire process much smoother. 

Another major benefit of entering the print industry workforce is the low barrier to entry. Print offers different roles within the printing process, with various levels of training required. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for overall print jobs is $40,200. 

Many entry-level printing jobs require a high school degree (or equivalent), and floor manufacturers/print assistants can learn on the job within a company. Team members who actually design the print materials, known as print graphic designers, require only a 2-year degree. Today, there's a huge demand for workers in this fast, paced industry! 

What types of printing are most needed in the industry today? Direct mail is more important than ever in helping businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. This is not a DIY strategy and requires a solid approach with list management is key to success. 

The Growing Need for Direct Mail 

A business’s print partner is so much more than just the print shop. The print partner acts as the list manager, prints, and sends the direct mail, taking that entire strategy and task off the business owner’s plate. Print companies need creative and innovative team members to manage every aspect of the project. And if you wonder if this is a male-dominated industry, think again. There is a growing number of women in print with more joining the workforce every day. 

Women in Printing 

What started as a simple LinkedIn group in 2009 has now become an international membership group, Girls Who Print, with thousands of active members. This group offers the ability to learn and connect with other women in the print industry. Between opportunities to network, learn, and grow, this organization has been highly influential for women in print. This shows that the print industry welcomes anyone ready for a fulfilling career with endless possibilities. 

Working Small and Making a Big Impact 

With the print industry growing and needing more smart people to enter the field, where is the best place to work? You could work for a big print company, but you would be missing out on some incredible opportunities and benefits. Find a print company that puts people first — working for a company that focuses on quality and customer service results in higher satisfaction. Not to mention a company that puts people first are family and team-oriented. Finally, a small, focused print company can quickly integrate the best technology to get the job done well! 

Working for McAdams Graphics in Oak Creek, WI 

As you can see, the printing industry is a great place to start and grow your career. Not only are you going to work in a job that you love, but you’ll be helping businesses grow. Find a print job within a company that cares about relationships and delivering quality products and services. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin is the 4th highest employer in the national print industry. McAdams Graphics is a Wisconsin print company that welcomes energetic and creative people to its growing team. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with our company, please contact us here.

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