One of the most important components of a direct mail project is acquiring a worthy list.
At McAdams Graphics, we have the resources to help you obtain a list based on demographics, lifestyles, neighborhoods, professions, businesses, or whatever your need.

Data Processing-

If you're unsure about the condition of your list, have no fear! McAdams Graphics can provide a number of data processing services. We can merge lists into one and purge lists of unwanted information. Use our de-dupe process and control unnecessary printing and postal costs, by removing duplicate records. Our data processing provides for the maximum postage savings available and offers these additional services: CASS certification, postal presort, NCOA, list hygiene and DPV.

Data-Driven Imaging-

           Our Scitex technology allows up to a 4" imaging path
           for personalization, addressing,
           bar codes and graphics, including mapping.
           Let us know what your needs may be. We can
           customize your forms in sequential order, as
           required. Sequential numbering in one or two
           locations? No problem, we can do it in-line!

           Let us manage your requirements for multiple code and version changes. With a simple plate
           change or with our inkjet system, we can accommodate the frequency of code variations. Then
           we’ll keep your items separated (or however you need them) as we package and deliver your


When it comes to putting your piece into an envelope for mailing, McAdams Graphics can deliver! With our latest technology, we can handle up to 5 components and an envelope size of up to 9" x 12."

Mail Preparation-

Secure your envelope or self-mailer with a wafer seal:
available in multiple colors with or without perfing.
Or, if you prefer, we also provide spot gluing
service for tac down.

Finally, get your mail into the postal system.  We furnish single and multiple postal entry points. First class, standard and non-profit mail are not a problem at McAdams Graphics. We handle it all!