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Mail Services: Do They Make Sense for Your Growing Business?

Mail services: Stack of mail with text on top mail piece

Picture this: a potential client receives a beautifully designed postcard in their mailbox, showcasing your latest products or a special promotion. They physically hold your message, engaging multiple senses and fostering a connection that lasts beyond a mere click or tap.  Amidst inundated inboxes and oversaturated social media feeds, direct mail stands out. It’s a…

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Using Customer Data Effectively & Respectfully: Cleaning Data for Direct Mail Use

For any successful personalized direct mail campaign, the key is to use customer data effectively and respectfully. Collecting and utilizing reliable mailing list information helps ensure that your customers receive relevant content, thereby increasing engagement with the brand. It also builds trust by demonstrating respect for customer privacy through responsible data practices.  By applying a…

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Reaching People Directly in a World of Online Privacy Concerns

Direct mail is a powerful tool for marketers as it allows them to reach target audiences with laser-focused campaigns that deliver personally relevant content. However, in this digital age where people are more concerned than ever about their privacy and data security, understanding how to use direct mail can be daunting. In order to maximize…

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How to Leverage Seasonal Print Marketing for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes an opportunity to increase your business’s visibility. One of the best ways to take advantage of the season is through seasonal print marketing campaigns. Direct mail designed for the holidays is an effective way to engage customers, boost sales, and cultivate brand loyalty. Let’s…

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Increase Your ROI with These 5 A/B Testing Variables

Increase ROI with A/B Testing

When it comes to strong marketing, it is important to understand your audience. As a direct mail marketer, you are both trustworthy and personal. According to Small Business Trends, 56% of customers believe print marketing is the most trustworthy type of marketing and 70% of Americans find mail more personal than the internet. The strongest…

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Succeed with Direct Mail By Targeting Age Demographics

Direct Mail for Age Demographics

There are a few universal experiences that make every generation happy. One of those experiences is receiving mail. According to a USPS survey, almost everyone enjoys getting a piece of mail delivered to them. So, now that it’s no secret that everyone loves mail, how important is it to make sure that your direct mail…

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5 Ways to Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Ways to Personalize and Maximize Direct Mail ROI

3x Your Direct Mail ROI with Personalization Every time a consumer checks their mail and holds your direct mail piece in their hand is an opportunity to make a connection. You have a few seconds of their undivided attention to communicate your brand and offer, so it’s important they’re interested right away. How? Personalization. Consumers…

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Data Management and Your Printing Partner: What to Look For

Data Management and Your Printing Partner

Customer data is a powerful tool that you can use to improve the success of your next direct mail campaign. Data-driven messaging can speak more directly to your target audience, building trust and encouraging conversion. Not quite sure how to collect and use data? That’s where your printing partner comes in: Your printing partner can…

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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

6 Ways to Improve Response Rates

Direct mail provides a tangible impression of your brand to both current and prospective customers — an impression that can make or break your future relationship with them. You need that impression to make a positive difference! You need to maximize your response rates for each direct mail campaign. But how do you ensure your…

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