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Many companies struggle with organizing their customer data as well as acquiring additional outside data for marketing.

At McAdams Graphics, we offer comprehensive data services that will get your data in tip-top shape to optimize it for successful mailings – at the lowest possible cost. We’ll handle all the data management details for you – so you can focus on growing your business!

Our Services include:


At McAdams Graphics, we have the resources to help you obtain a list based on demographics, lifestyles, neighborhoods, professions, businesses or whatever criteria you need.


We can help you control unnecessary printing and postal costs by merging multiple lists into one and purging lists of duplicate records.


We’ll check your addresses with CASS and NCOA to ensure that the maximum number of pieces successfully reach your customers and return pieces are minimized. That can mean big savings on postage! We also use Delivery Point Verification (DVP), a service connected with the U.S. Postal Service’s ZIP+4 program, to improve the deliverability of your mailings.


Our sophisticated printing technology can help you do some amazing things with your printed pieces, including:

  • Personalization: Our Scitex technology allows up to a 4-inch imaging path for personalization, addressing, bar codes and graphics, including maps.
  • Sequential numbering: We can customize your forms in sequential order, as required. Sequential numbering in one or two locations? No problem – we can do it in-line!
  • Multi-code and versioning: Let us manage your requirements for multiple code and version changes. With a simple plate change or with our high-quality, high-speed inkjet system, we can accommodate your frequency of code variations. Then we’ll keep your items separated (or however you need them) as we package and deliver your order.


When it comes to high quality, “seeing is believing.” Once you’ve seen examples of our work, you’ll understand why we are relentless in our attention to detail.


Look around and you’ll discover that no other printer has such extensive inline printing and converting capabilities in the greater Milwaukee area.

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