A pull-tab is a piece of paper that is created to pull off and reveal a message or prize beneath it. It's a great way to capture your customer's attention and add excitement.

Boost response with Inline Imaging!
Personalize with names and addresses. Add maps (ie. geo-mapping, or store mapping). Add unique images, or logos. Create variable offers. Incorporate interaction by mailing PURLS. Use bar coding. Print QR codes. Make duplexing economical.
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Any color or shape can be used to add interest.
Sizes can vary! Just give us an idea of what you might be looking for and we'll help you plan the job.
• 50# and 60# offset • 60#, 70# and 80# CS2 text • 7pt. and 9pt. hibulk • 7pt. matte-coated Other papers available upon request.