Oversized Postcards

Simplify! This format makes it easy to get attention and make a statement.

Boost response with Inline Imaging!
Personalize with names and addresses. Add maps (ie. geo-mapping, or store mapping). Add unique images, or logos. Create variable offers. Incorporate interaction by mailing PURLS. Use bar coding. Print QR codes. Make duplexing economical.
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Oversized Postcards
Another option is to design a piece that is even larger and fold it to an oversize postcard size. Tack glue and mail!
6" x 9" and 6" x 11" are shown here. Sizes can vary. The USPS has guidelines for standard postal rates.
Heavier papers are recommended: 7pt. and 9pt. hibulk • 7pt. matte-coated Other papers available upon request.