Digests & Slim-Jims

Small and short, or long and elegant, digests and slim-jims are a slimmed-down version of a full-sized catalog. Whether you have smaller quantities or specialty products, the cost of mailing is cheaper, due to the "letter size."

Digests & Slim-Jims
If mailed directly, it will need to be tabbed or tacked to stay closed. Inkjet addressing should also be considered.
Digests are smaller and shorter, while slim-jims are taller and skinnier: usually around 5.5” to 6.125" wide, with a height of no more than 11.5" and no less than 5".
The maximum weight is 3 oz. The thickness can’t exceed a quarter inch or less than 1.0.007 inches if no more than 4.25” x 6.” Paper can be determined with the number of pages involved.